8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art

Cameron ART   

Mrs. DeLuca



The art room at Cameron is a place where every student can be successful and every student is an artist.


Students will be completing numerous projects in class. Projects are assessed using a self-grading rubric that will be given out before projects begin. All projects need to be complete before the term ends. Students may come into art class during lunch, after school, or bring materials home. Projects are worth 80% of the total grade.


At the end of each project, students will be given a short quiz to review the themes and vocabulary of the unit. All quiz questions will be given as daily warm ups prior to the quiz. If a student gets below a 70%, they may do quiz revisions for half credit. Quizzes are worth 10 % of the total grade.


Additionally, students will complete one written homework assignment over the course of the trimester. Students will be given numerous days to complete the assignment. The assignment will be worth 5% of the total grade.


At the beginning of each class there will be a warm up on the board for students to complete. The warm ups are written on the “Art Warm Up” sheet and is collected at midterm and at the of the term.  Warm ups are work 5% of the total grade.


As a class, students can earn PRO points when they  follow expectations. After a class earns 10 PRO points they can choose off the reward menu. Each class has 3 warnings before losing their PRO point. If a PRO point is lost for two consecutive classes, students will be assigned seats. Additionally, if a student has 3 warnings in a class, they will be assigned a seat.


In art class we build a community in  numerous ways. One way is using academic conversation. This is focused conversation with peers about specific topics. We also critique each other’s work in a respectful way. This involves offering compliments to one another and  offering suggestions for next steps. Lastly, students take ownership of this class by helping with classroom jobs.  


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